About the Cheeses


Artisanal Farmstead Cheese

Handmade cheese has been the primary goal at Cricket Creek Farm since the transition to grass-based farming in 2001. We have a state-of-the art cheese making facility and have been progressing with development. We regularly produce five cheeses, and are constanlty working on new varieties.

Maggie’s Round

2011 ACS 1st place winner!, 2014 2nd place winner! 

Carefree joy of a bright summer fling; she is lemon curd and pineapple upside-down cake with a Bloody Mary to drink.  Maggie’s Round is a semi-firm, raw milk cheese inspired by the toma cheeses of the Italian Alps. The flavor is sharp and bright and fruity with citrus notes, the rustic rind adds earthy tones. Rounds are available at 5 lbs each or 13 lbs each.


Maggie’s Reserve

First Place – 2012 American Cheese Society Competition

This extra-aged version (12-16 months) of Maggies Round has a robust flavor filled with a wintery essence of allspice and nutmeg, with the sweetness of a light caramel; thick and fudgy. Rounds are about 2-3 lbs each. Limited availability October – January.



Ballpark peanuts in the stands; there are shouting fans and tension, uncertainty. The breeze is earthy, like woodsy mushrooms, from the dirt getting kicked up.  Melts in your mouth with a dense, dreamy feel verging on thick custard. Tobasi squares average about 3 lbs, are made from raw milk, and aged 2-4 months. The edible, washed rind has a tacky and rich orange patina.


Berkshire Bloom

Berkshire Bloom is a semi-soft bloomy rind cheese inspired by a Camembert. It has a supple white rind and a creamy, earthy, pungent layer surrounding a mild, firm center. Simple and approachable, it is the bloomy rind cheese that you can count on. The wheels range from 8 – 10oz.


Cricket Creek Fresh

Cricket Creek Fresh is soft and spreadable with a sweet lactic flavor. This cheese is similar to a chevre, but made from pasteurized cow’s milk. It is currently only sold in bulk (5 lb. bags).


Our cheese is available at the Farm Store, seven days a week (open 7AM to 8PM). To see a list of other places to buy our cheese, and restaurants that serve it, click here.

If you are a chef or cheese buyer, please email us at info@cricketcreekfarm.com to receive a copy of our wholesale price list.