Beef + Veal + Pork


We humanely raise pastured beef, rose veal, and whey-fed pork here at Cricket Creek. Our beef cattle live outside, year-round, except when there is particularly bad weather. Our dairy herd is outside during the grazing season and has free access to our barn and outdoor space during the winter. In the summer our herds are rotationally grazed through pastures and in the winter they eat baled hay from our fields and our neighbors’. To properly support the nutritional needs of our dairy herd, they eat a very small amount of cornmeal and molasses (less than 2% of their feed).

Our pigs are fed mostly whey, as it is a byproduct of our cheese making operation and is plentiful at Cricket Creek. They also eat vegetable scraps and leftover organic popcorn from Images Cinema in town. Our pigs live outside and are rotated through a pasture, rooting around eating plants and bugs in the soil.

All of our meat is processed at Eagle Bridge Custom Meat and Smokehouse in nearby Eagle Bridge, NY. We work with this small family-owned, USDA-inspected processor because of their exceptional and humane work. Read more about their standards and practices here. All cuts are frozen immediately at the processor.

Our beef, pork, and veal are available year-round in our farm store and at most farmers markets we attend. If you are looking for something particular, please call or email us at We have more cuts available than we can fit in our farm store freezers and of course we are unable to bring a full selection to the farmers market! An added benefit to purchasing our meat at a farmers market is that we can accept SNAP market tokens as payment! We hope to get set up to accept SNAP/EBT cards at our farm store, but it is not something we are currently authorized to do.

See our full price sheet here

Learn more about purchasing meat in bulk here. Purchasing in bulk is the most economical way to feed your family and support local agriculture.