A taste of winter….

No we don’t have a new specialty winter cheese (yet). On Thursday night we picked up 2-3″ of snow. It was pretty much gone by the afternoon, but the forecast is for another 12″ tonight.

Despite the snow, there is still grass to eat. The dairy cows are eating in the barn at night, but are making one last pass through the pastures during the day. The beef herd moved down Sloan Road onto one of our hay fields that we did not cut after early July. The field is in need of fertility, and has not been producing much forage.

By letting it sit we stockpiled the grass, and there is lots for the beef cows to eat. By keeping them on the field for an extended period, they will add fertility through their manure.

Once the grass is gone, they will start getting baleage out in the field- though we will have the option of jumping them to another hay field in the same area.

The beef herd on Sloan 1.
There was enough snow for skiing.
Sloan 1
Sloan 4
Solar charger running the fence for the beef
The beef happily grazing.
Looking up at Sloan 4.
The beef are straight ahead, down on Sloan 1.
The dairy cows finding plenty to eat.
Big bad Buddy PJ - the alpha cow in the herd. Don't mess.
Whimsey - one of our Jerseys and pretty much the opposite of PJ - though she does fine holding her own with the big Swiss.

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  1. I love these pictures!

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