Bones! Oh! The possibilities, and for a great price!

Yesterday Topher told me that the bones haven’t been selling too well in the farm store, and that we needed to move some out in order to make room for some new meat coming in soon.  Bones are one of the staples in my diet, and so I thought, “bones don’t sell well?!?!”  Bones are such a cost effective, nutritious and tasty way to enhance any other meal.  So, when Topher mentioned to me that bones weren’t selling, I figured it would be wise to share with you all one of the simple things I do with bones that takes almost no time at all…

chop up some of your favorite seasonal hearty vegetables…

make a blend of some of your favorite fresh or dried herbs (here I used parsley, thyme, lavender, ground sage, and peppercorns)

toss the bones with the vegetables and herbs and put them together in a heavy bottomed pot or a slow cooker and bring it to a simmer. Cook for 12-72 hours (whatever fits into your schedule).  Remember to add some type of acidic wine or vinegar, which draws minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium) out of the bones and into the broth.  

I like my meals to fit easily into a busy schedule, so I like to prep the bones and veggies in the morning before I come down to the farm, and then turn it off in the evening, or the next day, whenever I have time to use the broth in a meal.  I will then strain out the solids, and use the healthful and beautiful liquid for making soup or strew, cooking beans, cooking grains, boiling vegetables, or anything!  The liquid will be so rich in vitamins, you are getting the best out of the animal product without eating the meat.

Want to know the best news?  Packages of veal bones are only $3 in the Cricket Creek Farm store and beef bones are typically $5-$6 so you can prepare a very tasty and healthful broth for very little money!