broth from pork shanks

I always like to have some broth on hand – for making soup, cooking beans or other legumes/grains in, or just drinking on a cold day or if I have an upset stomach.  This week I made some broth from our pork shanks.  We have plenty of pork shanks available in the Cricket Creek farm store, and they are SO easy to make into broth.  I put two shanks in my slow cooker, put a little bit of vinegar in, and covered them with water.  Then I turned it on low and let it cook for two days.  The result is an amazingly rich and flavorful liquid.  I promptly ate what little meat there was – warm and soft, just falling off the bones.  I know have this half gallon of nutrient dense broth that I will use to cook my beans in.  Shanks are very inexpensive, and a great way to add lots of flavor – pick some up from the Cricket Creek farm store!