Bustling Saturday at the Farm

Saturdays are generally the busiest days for us at Cricket Creek Farm.  Customers are coming to the farm store to stock up on food for the next week, folks are strolling around visiting with our animals, CSA members are coming to pick up their shares.  On Saturday mornings the farm store smells sweet from the decedent freshly baked cinnamon raisin bread.  Baskets are over flowing with pumpkin walnut muffins, buttermilk currant scones, cardamom buns, and all your favorite cookies including peanut butter pillows, wilderness fantasy, earl grey tea cookies, and chocolate chocolate chip!  The cooler is stocked full of raw milk in plastic and glass bottles.  We have freshly delivered Skyr from Gammel Garden and Greens from Equinox Farms and Many Forks Farm.  This week we have freshly pressed apple cider in pints and half gallons from Jaeschke’s in Adams, MA!  New to our store is fermented products from Hosta Hill in Housatonic, MA.  We are carrying their Sauerkraut and Kimchi in 16 oz jars and their tempeh (frozen) in 1/2 lb packages.  These value-added artisanal products are a real treat.

This Saturday Nicole and Jenni set up a beautiful cheese tasting table in the farm store.  Any and all customers and visitors are welcome to try the cheese.  We are bringing back a favorite from last winter: a fresh cheese called Winter Harvest.  The cheese is rolled in herbs and we are trying out which herb and spice combinations are the best.  There are seven different combinations in the farm store and everyone is encouraged to try them all and vote for their favorite.