Cheeses of the New Year….

Do you know Madame Fromage?  She keeps a cheese blog packed with stories, recipes, and

eloquent ponderings on American Artisanal cheeses.  She also makes frequent appearances on the DiBruno Brothers Blog.  We were thrilled to have DiBruno Brothers start carrying our cheeses this year (thanks to cheesemonger/maker extraordinaire Paul Lawler.

Her most recent post, Five Cheeses for the New Year included Maggies Reserve as a cheese not to be missed in 2013.  We are pleased to be in the company of some of the finest cheeses from the Eat Coast.  Here is what she says…
Show your friends that American cheese does not always come in blocks. In fact, American rinds can be quite beautiful, thanks to artisan companies like Cricket Creek Dairy 

in Williamstown, Mass. Their award-winning Maggie’s Round Reserve gets its stunning surface striations from a basket mold – a plastic form that mimics straw. Many early cheesemakers packed their cheeses in grass or in reed baskets, something the FDA would frown at now. Still, Cricket Creek’s nod toward tradition is one reason I love this gentle, Brazil-nutty cheese from the foothills of the Berkshires. Serve it with a bright white wine.