Cricket Creek Farm Butter

Have you tried our butter?  In addition to the cheese that we make in our creamery, we have been making butter for about a year now.  Recently it has become available from our farm store.  Our butter is a deep rich yellow color, sweet, complex, and creamy.  We sell it in small tubs, so you can purchase just as much as you need.

why is butter yellow if milk is white?

Most butter that you would find in the store is actually not very yellow.  I is often pale yellow, or even cream/white colored.  Often butter has yellow food coloring added to it.  Our butter is naturally so yellow because of the very high nutritional quality of the fat itself as an indicator of the diverse and balanced feed that our cows eat.  Butter is concentrated milk fat.  Fat is extremely nutrient dense, with a very high concentration of vitamins.  One of these vitamins is Vitamin A, which has a yellow tint.  When the cream is churned into butter, it is aerated and oxidized, which makes it turn even yellower!  The saying that the yellower the butter the butter the better the quality is true!