Cricket Creek Farm Pork

Last night I cooked up this pork chop and it was tender and delicious.  Here is a little bit about the meal:
  • The pork chop defrosted quickly in a bowl of hot water and we pan seared it for a few minutes on each side.  Note: pork chops are a very quick and easy meal and don’t need to cook very long if you have a good heavy-bottomed pan with a lid!
  • We chopped some turnips and tossed them with herbs and put them to roast in the oven. Since they are young spring Hakurei Turnips they only needed to roast for about 10 minutes (small ones are great eaten raw if thinly sliced!)
  • I sautéed a head of bok choy from Many Forks Farm and mixed it with the turnips and some lacto-fermented sauerkraut!
  • I topped the pork chop with some strawberry-rhubarb jam and laid it on the bed of vegetables!

It was a quick but delicious meal.  I love the time of year when every item on the plate can so easily be sourced fresh from local farms.  Pork is great for summer meals – ribs for grilling, sausages, etc.  Stop by the farm store soon and pick some up!  If you have any good recipes, please share!