Cricket Creek Farm baked goods are artwork


Food is often very beautiful.  I find colorful vegetables gorgeous, rustic cheeses alluring, and ripe fruits radiant.  However, Jamie Ott takes the charm to a whole other level with her baked goods.

Her baked goods are so impressive to me because not only are they beautiful, but every fold, layer and embellishment is hand formed.  Unlike the beauty of a beet or an aged cheese, the art in these baked goods is completely created by her.  I was looking at the selection of baked goods in the Cricket Creek Farm Store when my eyes passed over this loaf of Honey Oat Challah bread.  I stared at it, trying to figure out how she created it to be so uniform and so delicate looking.  It reminds me of a celtic symbol, with interconnected twists and turns.  The wonderful thing about these baked goods is not only are they stunning to look at, they are gosh-darn tasty too!  Thanks to Jamie for ceaselessly putting so much care and attention into the food she creates.  The farm store is full of Jamie’s wonderful creations right now, so stop by and pick some up!