escapee calves, and cute to boot!

Now we have 5 little calves living with the dairy herd.  Four of them are heifers who are nursing from their moms and 1 is a little bull calf who is also nursing from his mom.  The 5 calves are absolutely adorable living amongst the big cows.  When the cows go in the milking parlor to be milked in the morning and evenings, the calves all lay together in one of the bedded stalls in the barn, completely on their own accord.  It is very sweet.  They are perhaps     developing some bad habits though, as escapee calves.  They can easily slip under the fences (that usually keep their moms in).  They get out and run around the fields frolicking in the snow.  It is a hoot to watch as they scamper and kick their heels and wag their tails.  But, it is a bad habit and they need to learn that fences are serious barriers.
Here is one of the little girls running around the lawn right outside my front door.  Yippee!