Faces at the Vermont Cheese Makers Festival

One of the best parts of the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival is watching the faces of the people who try our cheese.  And of course, hearing them talk about cheese.  If I had a polaroid camera, I would have tried to snap a shot of each unsuspecting person as they tried a sample.  I say unsuspecting because it is true – the looks on these faces indicated that they did not know what was coming.

There is the disbelief face.  This is the face of the person who doesn’t trust their taste buds.  They go back for another piece to make sure what they are experiencing is real.  Then they say, “did you make this cheese”.  “You’re too young to make this cheese.”  They ask, “This is really good….?”  We reply, “yes it’s really good…”

There is the contemplative face.  Now, I need to think about that cheese for a while.  I will just stare at it in silence while I contemplate it.  No, no, don’t try talking to me.  I need to focus.  Focus on this cheese – figure it out.

There is the O-face.   Yes, by O-face, I mean Orgasm-face.  Their eyes get wide.  Pupils dilate.  Head tilts slightly backward.  Eyes roll back slightly.  Cheeks blush.  “Oh – oh my god.”  “Wow….wow…this….this is amazing.”  Yes, I know.

There is the ravenous face.  Okay, that was good, now I need another piece.  And another.  And another.  Can’t stop.  Mmmmm.

There is the strange face.  This person is a stranger in a strange land.  They look at the cheese.  Hmmm….never had anything like that before.  Very unique….

Unfortunately, there was no polaroid camera, but you can see some photos of our booth at the festival, and some silly images of us.  For more photos, check out our facebook page.

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