Fergie’s New Calf

Yesterday afternoon, we discovered a small shape hiding next to Fergie in the corner of the barn. Without a bit of a fuss, Fergie had calved a beautiful heifer calf two days early! By the time we found her, the new calf was already licked clean and was fluffy and dry.

Fergie stood patiently while we hand-milked her, and the new calf took to a bottle immediately, guzzling down six pints in a matter of minutes. She slept the night bundled warmly in a calf jacket next door to the other heifer calves, and spent today learning to stand and walk.

The new gal doesn’t have a name yet, but we’re considering several “F” names, after her mother of course. Welcome, new calf!

The new calf stays warm in the sun
Napping in her new home in the barn
Penelope meets her new neighbor

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