Food Stamps x2, by Jenna Miller

As the nights grow cooler and the days are sure to follow, who can
help but think of the yummy, warm, aromatic goodness of pie! Well, for
one thing, the Northampton Tuesday market thought, not only about pies
– which showcase the bounty of the summer’s fruits (and sometimes
veggies) – but of others with their Food Stamps x 2 Program.

Right now the market is in the throes of raising funds to put towards
the Food Stamps x 2 Program, which doubles customers’ SNAP benefits,
up to $10 each week.

And what better way to do it than with pie?
This week at the Tuesday Northampton Farmers’ Market, people all
throughout the community brought pies for the 3rd annual Pie
Competition. The choices were endless, stretching onto four long
tables – berry pies, peach pies, apple pies, pear pies, kids’ pies,
gluten-free pies… you name it, it was there! And so was the
community! People came out in droves to sample pies with a donation
towards the Food Stamps x 2 Program. Now, maybe all people wanted was a slice of yummy deliciousness, but I believe that a lot more people
were happy to donate their money to a cause that supports members of
the community – whether they’re your neighbors or hard working

As for Cricket Creek Farm? Yea, we submitted a pie too. A blueberry
pear pie under the name of Sandra Dee. Did we win? No… not in the
slightest, but that wasn’t our motive. And while eating tasty pie
wasn’t necessarily the motive either, it didn’t hurt in contributing
to this campaign.

To learn more about the Food Stamps x 2 Program or to make a donation
please click here!  Thank you!