Light on the farm

written last Wednesday, August 14…

It’s Wednesday night and I’ve just sat down to get a jump start on this week’s newsletter.  It has been the most beautiful evening.  After work I went for a little run around the neighborhood – I found myself mostly looking up at the quickly changing dramatic sky.  As I was nearing home at about 6:30, I was looking to Mt. Greylock on my right and the sky was clear and blue.  I then looked over to the Taconic Crest on my left and there were dark grey clouds that looked like rain over the hills.  Less than 2 minutes later the clouds moved over me and I was standing in the rain.  It was refreshing, but my mind immediately went to the hay we cut today – not wanting it to get rained on.  Thankfully the rain only lasted a few minutes, short enough for me to stand under a tree on Oblong Road and do some stretching and wait it out.  When I walked up the driveway to the farm, everything was glistening in the clear, wet light.  I wished there was someone there for me to share it with.  I breathed deep to soak in the air, and felt it on my tired body like a sweet summer embrace.


I took a walk around the farm, visiting with a few different animals and relishing that after-the-rain feeling of lightness.  The young woman who helps us feed calves, Colette, was still here and we chatted for a little bit.  Then the rainbow came, and the orange on the hills across the valley.  I sat on the steps outside of the farm office and watched it until the rainbow faded, the sun sunk behind the horizon, and all that was left was a pink glow on the mountains.  Now it is dark and as I sit and write, I keep smiling to myself thinking about the joy of the light this evening.