Matthew and Mike bring the cows out to pasture

After milking this morning Matthew and Mike spent some time teaching a couple cows about how to use the free stalls in the barn.  Now that the pasture growth has slowed way down, the cows are only grazing during the day but staying in the barn at night to eat.  They have very clean and comfortable stalls in the barn that they can use, but sometimes they have a hard time learning that the stalls are the preferred place to be (over the floor).  Sleeping on the floor is not ideal because it is dirty and cold.  Matthew and Mike spent some time coaxing a couple cows into the stalls and will leave them there for a while until they get comfortable.  Hopefully the girls will learn quickly and realize how nice the stalls are compared with the floor!  Then they walked the remainder of the cows out to pasture to graze for the day.  What a gorgeous morning it was to stroll down the road with the cows!