Morning Milking

Two mornings last week I walked out to pasture with Topher to get the cows.  We seem to be in the short window of time when the sun peaks over the hills just as the cows start coming in for milking.  A great big burst of hello to the day!

The morning light in the parlor was nothing short of stunning.  As the sun rose the glow shifted around the room – from the hooves to the milking machines, onto Topher.  It was a treat to sit and watch.  Being around the cows always gives me a feeling of calm, regardless of what else is going on.  They are sweet and mellow during milking; it is a quiet time save for Topher talking to them occasionally – praising them for their good behavior and asking small favors of them.  

Remember that you can watch milking through the windows from the farm store any day at 6:30am or 5pm.