pig time!

Being around the animals brings me constant joy.  I know that when I’m having a hard, slow, or challenging day I can go spend some time outside just watching the animals, and my spirits will be lifted!  Similarly, if I am inside all day working in the creamery or the office, a little time with the animals during my lunch break does me much good!  This week on several occasions I spent time with the little pigs.  These are the pigs that were born over the summer here on the farm.  They are definitely growing up, but are still as sweet, curious, and friendly as ever!  

On Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning I spent some time sitting in their pasture area – they seemed to be so excited by the guest in their home that they would alternate between sniffing/licking/biting me and running circles around the entire fenced area.  Sniffing… running… sniffing… licking….. running… squeeling… biting…. running, and so it went. Didn’t seem to get boring for them or me!

On Wednesday morning I watched as Topher fed the pigs – here he is pouring a bucket of whey and milk to Porscha – our sow-to-be.  Porscha already had some veggie scraps in her dish, and loved the addition of milk and whey so much that she began to playfully blow bubbles in it!  We stood there for quite some time watching in amusement as she nosed around looking for goodies and blowing bubbles.  What joy for a pig!