The pseudomonas battle….

In the past, we have struggled with a bacteria called pseudomonas that likes to live on the Tobasi (it is not unhealthy, but rather it causes off-flavors).  We have had it under control for over a year, but last week Jenna and Cara identified some in the Tobasi room.  When there is a big infestation it is possible to see with the naked eye, and it looks as though someone wrote on the cheese with a highlighter.  When there isn’t as much of it you can only see it with a blacklight. The next day Jenna was able to spend much of the day working in the Tobasi room with the lights off and only the black light on, so she could see the glowing spots on the cheese.  The spots of pseudomonas on the Tobasi was cut off, and the walls and racks were scrubbed.  Luckily she was able to contain it quickly and it is now eradicated.  We will keep a careful watch and hopefully it won’t come back!