ramp collection and fermentation!

Last week  I took a walk up the hill behind the farm with Jen to collect ramps.  We were collecting them to make lacto-fermented ramps.  Here we are in the field of ramps nestled in the woods.  It was early morning and the light was just stunning.  

later that night we cleaned up all the ramps we collected…

the ones we wanted to ferment we put in a crock pot in a whey and saltwater brine.  They have been fermenting for a few days and will soon be ready to enjoy!  I try to eat some lacto-fermented foods every day because they are soothing to my stomach and help me get the probiotics that my body needs to stay energized and active.  I was doubly excited to ferment ramps because they (just like all alliums, including onions and garlic) have such strong immune boosting properties.  Eating garlic or onions almost every day also helps me feel energized and healthy, so this two-for-one is pretty awesome!