SoMa Catering uses Cricket Creek Feta

SoMa Catering in Richmond, MA is now using Cricket Creek Farm Feta on their flat breads.  Are you familiar with SoMa catering?  They have a store and sell ready-to-eat foods.  They also can cater your special event: wedding, family reunion, summer BBQ.  They use many local foods in their preparations.  Last week SoMa bought feta cheese from us, and at the Lenox Farmers market they were melting it on the most aromatic and delicious lamb flat breads!  They also picked up some Sidehill farm yogurt from us and used that to make a tzatziki sauce for the breads.  To top it off, they were baking these in their mobile wood-fired pizza oven.  Pretty cool, huh?  You can find them serving their wood fired flat breads weekly at two local farmers markets: West Stockbridge on Thursdays from 3-7pm and Lenox on Fridays from 1-5pm. Check them out!