stretch to the cows.

Bent over in a stretch.  I put my hands on the grass and peered between my legs at the cows behing me in the pasture.  The cows peer, walking around me, poking their noses t my shoulders, legs and licking my exposed lower back.  I thought about the animals – their sensibility, their calm, their products of milk and meat that I feel lucky and grateful o be able to take from them. Reminded myself that this is why we have them – for their products.  How wondrous that not only do we get these foods from these animals, but they are also such sweet, funny, and graceful beings to be around.


I thought able the blades of grass under and between my fingers.  Some have deep ridges, small hairs, spiny, soft, silky smooth.  Each one is her for a reason, and all together they tell a story of the history of that land.  My mind wandered down to the soil.  My mind feels fullfullfull of new knowledge about it.  And I thought to myself, this feels like a deep kiss.  As I relaxed myself down into my stretch and pressed my hands into the grass and dirt I felt like I was sinking into that kiss.  A surrender to the tingle and the rush of connection.  How lucky am I to have this peace and fulfillment in my work.  I hope that my lifework will always feel so connective and rewarding and energizing.  I am glad to be in it.