Surprises, by Justin Olen

Working long hours, doing repetitive work, spending a lot of time with the same people can all be stressful and tiring.  However, little surprises can make all the difference…

1. Lunchtime – Tuna melts on Cricket Creek Farmpain au levain,with red onions from Caretaker farm and a layer of browned Maggie’s Round cheese.  Looking forward to a hot, delicious lunch helps keep the motivation high on an otherwise busy Friday.




2. Apprentice Fridge – “Look! Igot another answer on the crossword puzzle.  I put it in the fridge so you could see”.  “Hey, everyone, do we have enough milk? – Yeah, I just got some more chocolate milk from Lenny.” “Where is the Caretaker CSA share this week?”


3. This Little Piggy – “Hey Mike,what’s in the pot?” OH.  That’s a pig head.  This head was turned into headcheese by Mike, our resident chef, and served at our Thursday potluck.




4. Chusband and Vife – True love here folks.  Photo taken at Taylor Farm, where we took a tour of their Gouda making facility but were really more interested in Donkers, the donkey.