Thanks to Jamie for all her work (and products!)

Many of you may have heard that Jamie has decided to leave Cricket Creek after many years baking here.  She hopes to bake from her home again.  Ever since Jamie announced her decision to leave, I have heard many, many comments from customers and lovers-of-Jamie’s-baked-goods about how much they will miss having her products here.  It is true, they will be greatly missed.  And Jamie – an incredibly hard-working, focused, meticulous, and thoughtful addition to our farm will also be missed.  Much thanks to Jamie for not only all of the granola, Wilderness Fantasy Cookies, Hopper Sunrise Muffins, Oatmeal Bread, and Almond Cardamom Coffee Cakes, (etc.!!!) that she has filled our bellies with over the years, but thanks too for all the energy, time, love, and support you have put into helping this farm blossom.  Below is a message from Jamie.  Come by the farm store to stock up on goodies!


As of December 25, 2013 I will no longer be the baker at Cricket Creek Farm. While I realize this may come as a surprise to some, the physical demands of the job have become too much for me to continue. This has been a difficult yet carefully considered decision.

During this transition period, the Bakery schedule may change depending on the supply of ingredients.

I intend to take some time to regroup and then I will make plans for the future. I’m hoping to start baking out of my home again!

It has been a great adventure setting up the bakery at Cricket Creek Farm as well as watching the rest of the farm develop. I look forward to seeing their continued progress.

Many thanks to The Sabot Family for this wonderful opportunity!

And many thanks to you – our loyal customers!