It is Thanksgiving time – many I can thank!


Many of you Cricket Creek cheese eaters, milk drinkers, and cookie lovers out there may not know Jude and Topher Sabot.  They are the dynamic mother-son duo who own the farm together.  They are both extremely visionary, forward thinking, enthusiastic, committed, and kind.  These are the two people who carry the weight of Cricket Creek Farm on their shoulders – with regards to emotional dedication, financial support, and steadfast optimism.  They both contribute to Cricket Creek’s success in many different ways and it is them that we have to thank for this truly special farm.


You  probably know Jamie Ott, the bakerextraordinaire.  She has a wonderful lineup of holiday baked goods available for order for Thanksgiving – have you checked out the list?!?!  Her baked goods have become a longstanding tradition for many people!  If you won’t be in town for Thanksgiving, stop by afterwards for some of her classic cookies or stock up on granola.  Jamie deserves many many rounds of applause for her commitment to quality, customer service and high standards for presentation and product – everyone here has learned a lot from her and her extensive experience!

The present day-to-day operations would not be possible without our hard-working crew of apprentices.  These folks: Justin Olen, Jenna Miller, Mike Durante, Ken Skudder, Mary Hinton, and Cara Hardinger work on all facets of the farm to keep things happening – milking the cows, making the cheese, attending farmers markets, etc.  They are all incredibly smart and focused people who have brought a lot to the farm.  You have probably seen them around, I hope you thank them!


There are so many aspects of Cricket Creek Farm that I feel thankful for, but it is mostly the people who work here.  Immense thanks too for all the folks who support the farm in different direct and indirect ways – Cricket Creek has such a wide base and that is what makes us strong!  Special thanks to Jen Mygatt and Matthew Ball for filling the farm (and also me) with lots of love and motivation.