Tobasi wins a gold ribbon in The Big E competition!


I am proud to say that this year our Tobasi cheese won a gold ribbon atThe New England Regional Cheese Competition at The Big E!

This is an exciting accomplishment, and wonderful to get the external validation and recognition of our success.  Tobasi is a beloved cheese and uniquely our own.  Special props to Jenna Miller, who is the apprentice responsible for the Tobasi.  In her role she leads the “makes” (production) of the Tobasi and is responsible for caring for it in the aging rooms.  The Tobasi is a washed rind cheese, meaning that the rind of the cheese needs to be washed regularly during the aging period; we wash it with a special blend of bacteria, yeasts, and molds.  The cheese also needs to be flipped and rotated around the room regularly.  Jenna has been extremely focused and dedicated in this regard, which has been instrumental in leading us to this gold ribbon!  Thanks too to all the volunteers who help us wash cheese!