Topher puts the foliar sprayer into action!

Topher did an amazing job building a homemade foliar sprayer – to spray nutrients into our pastures and hayfields.  The land that we are using for grazing our cows and cutting hay has been giving us nutrients for years, and we have not put the fertility back on at the same rate.  Prior to grazing, it was growing corn which is a very extractive process.  In order to re-mineralize the soil, we are trying spraying the nutrients onto the plants, which will utilize some of them and then release nutrients through root exudation.  After spraying a 30 acre hay field last night, Topher said to me,it feels good to be putting something back on the land.  We’re always taking something off, in the form of cutting hay, but it was nice to give back to it.  
We are hoping to see some improvements in the growth of the fields and the quality of the hay, when we do cut it.  We have all of our feed analyzed to asses the components and quality of the grass, so we can more easily monitor changes.  We’ll keep you updated!