wedding reflection – by Casey Coman

As many of you know, last Saturday Topher married his lovely and talented fiancee, Jen.  It was a beautiful and simple ceremony followed by a delicious and occasionally raucous party, filled with family, friends, cows, and dogs.  Everyone had a great time, and now the farm is quiet again.  As quiet as a farm can be, right?  Next week Topher and Jen will return from their secretly planned honeymoon, and we will go back to working together as usual.

The thing is, all of us in the yellow house have only been here a few months, and we are only just getting to know the Sabot family.  Yet we are in the peculiar position of getting to be around for one of the most special moments in lives of these two people and their families.  We heard the moving speeches and cast our blessings upon the couple along with the rest.  But our perspective is different because we will see them again in a few days, and most of the days after that.  In some ways, not much will have changed for us or our relationships with Topher and Jen.  Of course, relationships are always changing.  Ours are a little deeper, more complex today.

Thank you to the families who have welcomed us.

Peace and light to the newly married.

Joy to us all.

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