what I wish for you, dear farm

I wish for your days to be rhythmic.
to have a tempo, a cadence that moves along swiftly, logically.

I wish for your purpose, opportunity, and offerings to be vivid to all.

I wish for your mission to penetrate deeply, through every thick layer.

I wish for you to let people in, but also have realistic boundaries.

I wish for you to be both elegant, and honestly gritty.

I wish for your beauty to constantly, constantly ripple outward.

I wish for you to steadily grow and grow, but no, not too fast.

I wish for your growth to be healthy, crude, holistic, wild.

I wish for you to shed light on complex subjects, bringing clarity.

I wish for every one of your inhabitants to openly rely on one another,
in an intricate web encompassing the earthworm, the clover, the blue heron, and all.

I wish for all those who interact with you, including myself, to be non-possessive.
I wish for all of us to laugh both with you and at you, to work for you and with you.
for all of us to give you reassurance, and for you to give it back to us.
us to give you hope, and you to return it.


  1. Suzy,
    This poem is so very lovely.
    Thank you,
    Love you,

  2. this is what we wish for our children too.

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