What to do with whey?

Now that we are selling whey and buttemilk in the Cricket Creek Farm Store, you may be looking for ideas of what to do with these tasty dairy products.  I will share recipes over the coming weeks, but here are a few starter ideas for some of the many uses for whey…
  1. Use it as a substitute for other liquids in any type of savory baking (bread, pancakes, biscuits, pizza dough)
  2. Make lacto-fermented veggies and fruits (I love pickled radishes, ramps, cabbage, beets, carrots with ginger…yum!)
  3. Use for soaking any kind of grains (oats for your morning oatmeal)
  4. Use it as a liquid for making any kind of dip (bean dip, etc)
  5. Use it for boiling your noodles or rice (the heat will destroy the probiotics and it will loose some of its strength as a lacto-fermented product but it will still be full of protein and flavor!)
  6. Use it to make pesto or hummus