Assistant Farm Manager

Cricket Creek Farm is looking for an Assistant Farm Manager to join our team.

The Assistant Farm Manager will participate in the management of all farm-related operations at our family-owned pasture-based dairy farm. We have a 40 head mixed-breed dairy herd, a small herd of beef cows, and a rotating number of pigs. This role includes responsibilities in caring for all of the animals on our farm and works closely with the Farm Manager/Owner to determine priorities and fulfill daily responsibilities. 

The Assistant Farm Manager must be able to work efficiently, both independently and as part of a team. They must take initiative, be very detail oriented, and be committed to the highest level of care for our animals and the safety of our food products. Flexibility and the ability to actively communicate are critical. This is a great role for someone who has some experience but is eager to learn more, particularly about rotational grazing and operating a small farm. As a small business, the staff members that thrive here are those that enjoy an all-hands on deck approach, the variety of work, and the continuous learning opportunities that come with it. There is room for growth in this role and as a part of the farm team.

Highly motivated individuals with little relevant experience will be considered for a role that could advance to the Assistant Farm Manager position.


  • Regular farm work, including barn cleaning, maintaining equipment, grazing related tasks, setting up fences, etc.
  • Regular milking shifts (4-5 per week) in our 11-unit swing parlor
  • Animal care including feeding cows, pigs, and calves; putting down bedding; and continuously keeping an eye on the wellbeing of all of our animals
  • Work closely with the Farm Manager on grazing planning, strategies and implementation
  • Work with the Farm Manager to determine farm priorities and schedule action items
  • Delegate and assist with oversight of farm apprentices and hourly staff
  • Help with training and educating apprentices and hourly staff
  • Contribute to overall farm, grounds, and equipment maintenance

Five days a week with a minimum of 40 hours. Additional hours/days may be needed for the busy season (calving, hay making, grazing prep) and special circumstances (veterinary emergencies, equipment failure, staff illness, etc). We currently milk once a day with cows in the parlor at 6am.

Hourly pay is commensurate with experience and the applicant’s interest in learning and growing in the role. Pay for an applicant with little experience would start at $15/hr and increase at the end of the training period. Applicants with experience will be offered a higher hourly rate immediately. On-farm housing is part of the compensation package for this role. Staff receive complimentary farm fresh raw milk and cheese, as well as a 20% discount on our pasture raised beef and rose veal, and our whey-fed pork, and on all products in our farm store. Staff have complimentary access to a “seconds” section of the meat freezer, where meat with broken vacuum seals or freezer burn is stored, as well as access to ordering groceries at cost. These additional food benefits can add up to savings equivalent to a $1-2/hr increase in pay.

Applicants must be able to lift at least 50 lbs and preferably have experience operating heavy equipment and working with livestock. Applicants must have a valid driver’s license and the ability to work with high attention to detail both early in the morning and into the evening (morning milking starts at 5:30 am). 

This is is a management-level role and candidates must be comfortable delegating tasks, setting priorities and overseeing additional farm staff as well as taking a significant role in ensuring that all necessary work is completed for the day.

Highly motivated individuals with little relevant experience will be considered for a role that could advance to the Assistant Farm Manager position.

We are looking for a 2-3 year commitment.

Please send your resume and a cover letter to Topher Sabot at References will be requested at a later point in the interview/hiring process. Applications without a resume or cover letter will not be considered. More information on the farm can be found at