We are now selling sweet cream buttermilk from our farm store.  This is REAL buttermilk that is a by-product of our butter production – churning butter from cream.  Most buttermilk you find in stores these days (even natural products) is cultured milk, which is made by adding a strain of lactic-acid producing bacteria such as  Streptococcus lactis or Lactobacillus bulgaricus to the milk.  This buttermilk is acidic, tart, and viscus.  This is probably what you think of, when you think of buttermilk.  Our buttermilk at Cricket Creek is made from fresh, sweet cream and it is not as tart or viscus as you might expect.  What to do with it?  Can be be drunk straight (delicious, try some!), used in cooking, used for marinating meat, used for baking (biscuits, scones, buckwheat pancakes, soda bread anyone?), making amazing salad dressing, mashed potatoes!   There are so many possibilities.  What are you doing with your buttermilk?  Please share your recipes and we will post them to a future newsletter or facebook!