Good Meat from a Good Cow

In early February we had to put down one of our cows, Mirella, who was injured.  We were going to cull her soon anyway, because of various issues that she had developed, but it was still sad to see her go. 
I remember when I first came to Cricket Creek I called Mirella the “Princess Cow” because she was very particular, slow, somewhat prissy, and had a self-important royal air about her.  She was always slow to get up in the morning, took her time walking towards the milking parlor, and enjoye being on of the last ones in.  There was nothing I could do to rush her; she was on her own schedule.  Over time she mellowed out a lot, and lost her attitude.  However, I will always think of her as she was when I first met her.  Princess Mirella.
We killed her here on the farm, and Matthew saved her tenderloin to cure.  It was a quick meat cure in the refrigerator, and after just a couple days, we were able to enjoy a royal-colored tasty filet.  For the Cricket Creek Farm Potluck, I made a broccoli and celeriac salad and topped it with the thinly sliced filet and fresh grated ginger.  I was glad to be able to serve her beautiful meat. Thanks Mirella for nourishing us!