New hay wagon for the farm – a much needed acquisition!

On Friday Matthew and I drove up to Chester, VT to pick up the new hay wagon that Topher recently purchased.  The wagon is incredibly long – it made Matthew’s pickup truck look small. It has a fresh coat of beautiful green paint on the body and yellow on the wheels.
The hay wagon is used for transporting the bales that were made over the summer.  Most of the bales are stored down the road at our bale yard, but need to be brought up to the farm to be fed to the cows.  It is much faster and more efficient to bring up a load of bales at a time, instead of one by one.  In the summer the wagon is also used for bringing in the bales from the hay fields to the bale yard.  It is a critical piece of equipment and last summer our existing wagon burned in a fire – you may remember.  This wagon is a huge improvement over the other one both in terms of its strength and ability to carry more bales.
Matthew had the adventure of getting to drive it back down from Chester, VT – over an hour and a half away – pulled behind his truck.  It was tricky to navigate along some small town streets and through a construction zone, but he pulled it off.  He says it made the drive more interesting!