written by Nicole Warren  At the farmer’s market every week, I get customers that ask me about FAT, and want to know the fat content of our cheese. Fat is a word that, in this society,  has received a bad reputation. It is a misunderstood building block to life, in which all living things are made up of and …

Raw Milk is Back

We once again have raw milk for sale in our Farm Store! We will keep the fridge well-stocked, but if you are coming to buy more than five gallons, we recommend that you call ahead so we can be sure to have milk for you.

Glass Milk Bottles!

After years of discussing the possibility, we finally have glass milk bottles at Cricket Creek Farm. There are several reasons to use glass – the main one being that glass bottles are reusable. We go through a lot of plastic jugs. Glass also looks great, and is a big part of the history of dairy production. …

Raw milk update

Unfortunately we are still unable to sell raw milk. We are currently waiting for a state inspection to make sure everything is set to go. It looks like the earliest that will happen is next Tuesday, We will put the word out as soon as we are are up and running again!